Restored from backup, getting "Photos cannot find the System Photo Library named “Photos Library.photoslibrary”" error code

I was having some hard drive space issues with my computer and a solution I tried didn't work (moving my music library to iCloud drive), so I restored it to a backup from about a week earlier. Now I'm getting a Photos cannot find the System Photo Library named “Photos Library.photoslibrary” error code, but when I try to reconnect it to my Photo Library file, I can't find it anywhere. I also checked my backup files to try to restore it from that and I can't find a photo library in those, either. All my photos are stored to iCloud and iCloud Photo Library is selected in Settings>iCloud, and I never had issues with photos before. Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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If your photos are all in iCloud, you can create a new, empty library and enable it as the system photo library and then your iCloud Photo Library.

when you launch Photos while holding down the options key until you are seeing the Library Chooser dialog, you can click the "Create New" button. Then select your pictures folder as the destination for the library.


In the Photos > Preferences > General click "Use as System Photo Library".  In the  Photos > Preferences > iCloud selct "iCloud Photo Library". Now wait for your Photos to download from iCloud.

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