Locations not "sticking" in Photos

I am at my wits' end with this disaster of an app...


Is there away to force a location to "stick" or override the automated selection in the locations field?


I'm trying to sort through over 35,000 photos, most of which are from my travels over the last fifteen years. So location is the most important feature. Even though Photos will recognise that a location exists and let me choose it from a list it pulls up, it will more often than not refuse to assign that location. For example, if I pick Alexander Keith Brewery in Halifax, it'll just assign "Halifax, NS." But it will assign "Fairview Cemetery, Halifax." Or if I pick "McLeese Lake Resort, BC" or even just "McLeese Lake, BC," it will just assign the photo to "British Columbia," which is absolutely not helpful. I want to be able to assign the specific name of a place I went to in a city (eg. museum) rather than just the city.


The Photos location also fails to recognise cities like Prizen, Kosovo, and Kotor, Montenegro.


Putting the location in the keyword or description is not helpful and not a suitable workaround since I don't get map pins or the names of places as I scroll through my pictures in Moments mode.


Alternatively, is there another app that would let me assign more precise locations to my photos?


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macOS High Sierra (10.13.2)
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You can assign actual Lat/long coordinates in Photos to give precise location - you can not control what Photos calls them



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