sound effect send mail on macbook (swoosh) gone?

Sound effect send mail (swoosh) on Macbook gone?
Even after reading up on just about all answers I could find,
go to Mail>Preferences>General>check box Play sounds for other mail actions

sendmail sound.png


there is no sound.
What happened?
Or what else can I do?

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Tried everything I could read. Finally remembered a trick I picked up during a conversation with Apple Store in my town: restart in recovery mode with this key combination: Cmnd-R-P: hold these keys till apple logo appears. Then a utility window will open, you do not have to take action there, just quit utility and restart.
Little things like sounds will (should) be repaired. In my case it worked.
For now
Hope this helps those who are still looking for a way.

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well, I clicked on No Help to my own answer: it has worked but now sound is gone again so I'm back where I started. Previous time I was able to post this as a guest, But this was my answer - and it doesn't work. 

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