Video turned into Unadjusted raw and jpg - I can't watch my videos



I imported my iPhone photos and videos into iPhoto on my Mac. Then I moved those files to a USB. They turned into "UNADJUSTEDONRAW_Thumb.jpg" something like that. That turned my videos into photos. I didn't notice so I deleted the originals.


How do I recover my videos?

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from the “recently imported” I pressed “ctrl” “x” so i cut and paste it onto the USB

That explains it, then. Copy/Cut and paste will just transfer the preview files, and they are not always the same as the full resolution original files.

Did you also delete the photos from your iPhone?

Since you already deleted the videos from Photos, you can only recover them, if Time Machine has been running, while the videos have been on your Mac. If you set up Time Machine, it makes hourly backups. Perhaps you have been lucky. Otherwise you would need to run data recovery software. But this kind of software is expensive.  Use only software with a trial version, that will show you what can be recovered, before you pay for it.

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