Mac mini mid 2012 won’t recognize Samsung Evo 860 SSD

Obviously I’m trying to update my Mac Mini to a 1 TB SSD. I bought the new Samsung Evo 860 1TB drive.  Disk utility does not recognize the drive and will not show up in the disk utility screen. Can someone please help me I’m a total newbie at this stuff.  Please don’t tell me that this drive is not compatible with my Mac mini.  I am using an external hard drive case to house the SSD and connecting it to the computer using USB 3.0

Mac mini (Late 2012)
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Are you running High Sierra?  If so then go to Disk Utilities and click on "view all" and see if shows up.  If it does then format to HFS journaled.  I also had the same issue with my external Samsung SSD and this fixed the issue.

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