Permanently delete photos MacBook Pro High Sierra

Hi! I have got my first MacBook Pro with High Sierra. I’ve used Migration Assistance to transfer my photos from my Windows Computer  & imported them to Photos. I’m happy to use this to manage my complete photo chaos & started deleting duplicates etc but !!!! they don’t delete from Finder. How can this be so? Also I deleted a photo in Finder which isn’t what I just bought a MacBook for but, guess what it was still in Photos. Help!! Please!! I need to get rid of so many photos permanently! I don’t use the Cloud.

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)
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If I want to export an album to a USB stick for a friend, can I do that from Photos?

Yes, select all photos in the album, then use the command "File > Export > Export ... photos".

In the panel that will open click the "v" to the right of "Photo Kind" to reveal the controls for the size and quality.

Usually the quality "Large" will suffice, but you will probably save the photos with "Size > Full Size".

Screen Shot.jpg

Now click "Export" and select a folder on your USB stick. Do not write to the top level of the stick, create first a folder.

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