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Good morning guys my name is Tamara. I've had Macs all my life, anyways I just purchased a refurbished Macbook (Early 2015, 12") from Apple a couple days ago. I'm looking at the Storage information under "About My Mac" and I see that I have "Photos" taking up 2.98GB, "Movies" taking up 71.9MB, and "Backups" taking up 12.8MB. I'm currently searching all up and down the computer trying to figure out mostly where the Photos 2.98GB is at but I have no idea where these Photos are at. Can anyone help? The space on this Macbook is very limited and I"m kind of curious about where these three things are coming from. Thanks in advance.

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There are quite a few images stored on your computer, such as iChat icons and built in desktop backgrounds that come with the computer. I would not recommend looking for or removing these files since they are (mostly) hidden.

As far as movies and backups are concerned, 72 mb is extremely small in comparison to the rest of your computer's hard drive. Take this into consideration: there are 1000 MB in 1 GB, so 72 MB is 7% of a GB, or about 0.03% of your hard drive. I wouldn't waste the time looking for videos that are probably built into the OS. If you purchased the device from Apple directly, then it has been wiped completely clean, and everything on the computer is required or comes preinstalled with the OS.

Hope that helps.

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