AVI videos always get date/time of import as timestamp



currently I am importing some videos into Photos for MacOS. Videos from two of my cameras do not get the correct date when importing. They always get the date and time of the import as a timestamp. Imported photos from these cameras get the correct timestamp and maker/model information.


It seems that no EXIF information is read at all for these video files. Not even the Camera maker/model is shown by "Get info".

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 10.42.24.png


When I check the EXIF information of the file with exiftool they are correct:

[EXIF:IFD0]     Make                            : CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD.

[EXIF:IFD0]     Camera Model Name               : EX-FH100

[EXIF:ExifIFD]  Date/Time Original              : 2011:04:09 14:49:47

[EXIF:ExifIFD]  Create Date                     : 2011:04:09 14:49:47


I tried:

- starting with a new library

- setting file creation and modification date to the correct timestamp prior to import


but still no correct date (or maker/model) after import.


I am using

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 and

Photos Version 3.0 (3251.12.190)


I know that I can manually set date/time with Image->Adjust Date and Time...

but would like to refrain from doing that if it is a bug in Photos that will be fixed.

And still the maker/model would not be set.


Any help greatly appreciated.





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Do you know why the relevant information is not imported in the first place?

It has been this way since I used Apple Software to import videos. we are not allowed to speculate in these forums.

But there is no EXIF standard for videos for the capture date like for photos. The manufacturers are handling the capture date of videos differently. It will depend on your camera model, how the correct capture time can be found.  For example, when I import a video from my Panasonic Lumix cameras, I will find a still frame photo with all exif tags for each video, and I can lift and stamp the capture date from this still frame, because Photos handles the date of the still frames correctly. Apple handles the date and time of videos taken with an Apple device correctly, because it manufactured those devices and rely on the way the EXIF tags are set there. But for other camera models it is a big task to keep the software current every camera make and model, just like for the RAW support.

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