Photo dans High Sierra très lent

J'étais avec El Capitan, maintenant avec High Sierra 13.3 photos devient extrêmem

ent lent, que faire?

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), High Sierra 13.3
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I have for several years picked up more than 100,000 photos; most in JPG but several recent in raw. Is the software slowed down by looking for face recognition? I do not need this feature classifying myself the people photographed in albums. I have 3TB of internal memory and under El captan.

No, I do not use iCloud Photo.

Thank you

With over 100,000 it will be weeks or even months)  before all scanning is complete to finish the move to High Sierra



The scanning is much more than just face recognization although that is part of it - but in any case it is part of Photos and not subject to any user control



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