combine 2 photo librarys

i want to combine a photo library from an old mac with the library on my new mac, how can i do that, so it all is in ONE library? and then it will all be able to go to iCloud..


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again you set each one as the system library and let it sync with iCloud then do the next, etc - when you have synced all libraries you have one library with everything in it  --  Notes on Merging Photos Libraries


  1. Merge the libraries in iCloud by uploading them to the same iCloud Photo Library:  Merging in iCloud is the only way to preserve the master-version pairs, so you can revert edited photos to the original versions. Your albums and folders will migrate, keywords, titles, and other metadata. All edited images will be paired with their originals, so you can undo the edits and revert to the original.  The searchable faces names will upload (only on Photos 1.5 or older, not on Photos 2.0), but not the faces thumbnails and albums. Photos will scan for duplicates while merging. It is the best way to migrate libraries you invested much work into, but uploading large libraries to iCloud requires a paid subscription for more storage than the free 5GB - for at least a month, and it is slow. My library with 40000 photos took a full week to upload.

    • To merge in iCloud enable the smaller of the two libraries as your iCloud Photo Library.

    • Wait for all photos to upload; that can take a very long time, a week ore more, depending on the size of the library. Photos will merge the the library into the library that is already in iCloud.

    • Now enable the larger library as your iCloud Photo Library.  This library will be merged into the library in iCloud too, creating a merged library in iCloud. The merged library will sync back to your larger Photos Library. The merge will not include the Faces albums and projects from the first library you uploaded. That is why I recommend to start with the smaller library. The download will be like to a different Mac, see: Use Photos and iCloud Photo Library on multiple Mac computers - Apple Support

    • To sync the faces names with iCloud Photo Library, I apply keywords with the names of the persons to all photos in a people album.  (not necessary if you have High Sierra and IOS 11 or newer)





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