HT204303 Trying to plug 2 external hard drives into my early 2016 macbook. one for photos and one for time machine.

Hi. Just got my early 2016 MacBook. I use the photos library and store all my photos and videos on an External Western Digital Passport HD. I purchased a USB-C adapter that allows me to power the machine as well as plug in 3 USB devices. I'm able to sync my iPhone photos directly to the external HD, however when I try to back up my WD Passport and MacBook to Time Machine (WD My Book 4TB drive) ie. using 2 USB ports, the back up will happen for a couple of minutes but then it says my Passport HD has not been properly ejected. Any thoughts? Many thanks

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Any thoughts?

Your adapter doesn't provide enough current to operate 2 hard drives at the same time.

Get a powered USB hub or add external power supplies, if possible, to your external drives.

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