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A few days ago, there was a problem with bluetooth. It said "bluetooth not available", and after reading in this discussion group, I deleted the .plist, shut down the comp and everything. After that, the problem was gone, it reconnected well, and I could play music through my little bluetooth speaker. Even last night, it worked.

Now, today, there's no sign of life. If I go to the icon in the menubar, it only says Bluetooth on or off, and "go to bluet preferences". It doesn't show any devices.

In the System preferences, it showed the device (jbl go) saying "not connected" and it also showed some unknown devices with codes like a6-3d-b7 and other telephone numberlike info. I deleted the jbl go hoping to realign.

But now, the speaker doesn't show up anymore, and even stranger: there is no plist at all in the library prefs.

What can I do???


thanks in advance

macOS High Sierra (10.13.2)
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well, I shut down and restarted the computer. It was a mess until I again shut bluetooth off. when I turned it back on, it responded to the JBL.

so now it's working again. problem solved

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