How do I view MY videos on my iPad?

I have a series of instructional videos all in .mpeg-4 low complexity, that I want to watch whilst in transit but without WiFi.


I opened iTunes on my Mac, connected my iPad 2017 with a lightning cable, then dragged the .mp4 files to:


iTunes > My iPad > On my Device > Movies


They all appear in Movies, when I get Info on the files they show as being on myiPad.


The media contents bar shows 262 items total of 15.48 Gb so twice confirming that they are on my iPad.


However when I go to my TV App on the iPad (I am outside the USA so that is what is supposed to play videos) all I see is 2 sample videos from the iTunes Store.


How is this supposed to work?


Why has Apple made this SO hard?



iPad Wi-Fi, iOS 11, 128Gb
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I'd love to strangle whoever is responsible for this Piece of Dreck.


They have all been dumped in the Home Video category and do not show up at all in Recently Added.


None of which is explained anywhere that I can find.


Let me guess Apple really REALLY hates its Users, particularly it hates its Users using Apple devices as if they had bought them for their own personal use!


This has seriously made me think about getting an Android Tablet. It is just another in a long chain of time wasting, stupid design and obstacles that are making me, a 35 year Apple User, seriously p!ssed off.


What on Earth is going on in Spaceship Self Obsessed, Cupertino CA?



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