Mac is blocked because I didn’t call 1-855-841-4**7. Spyware was detected when I tried to log on to PayPal.

I have a Macpro running high Sierra. When logging into PayPal, I got an urgent message saying that spyware/malware was detected and unless I called 1-855-841-4**7 in 5 minutes my Mac would be blocked. I didn’t call and now it IS blocked. What to do?

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You tried to log into "PayPal" (It wasn't) from an eMail message.


This is called a phishing scam. The Mail was a fake, it would have come from a fake email address which you can see if you click on the Sender in the eMail. They scare you into clicking on the link, then you get the scary message and call the number where someone now knows how gullible you are and extracts financial details or money from you.



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