Some keys of Apple Bluetooth keyboard do not work on iMac after High Sierra Update

Few days after upgrade of my iMac to High Sierra, some keys on Apple Keyboard do not work as expected.

Here are the details:

  1. On start up log in screen, the keys work and accept password (always)
  2. After wakeup from sleep, some letters from password are not getting entered on the log in screen. I had to force restart after several failed attempts
  3. In Pages, or Notes or any other applications, following keys are not getting typed : 7, 8 ,9, J, K, L, M, <, > (some of these keys are getting typed in password on start up)
  4. On desktop, on hold down, these keys move cursor up, down, left, right and in diagonal directions.
  5. Tried Restore Defaults on keyboard settings in System Preferences, didn't work.
  6. The same keyboard works fine when connected to MacBook Air, so no problem with keyboard hardware it looks like.
  7. I believe the keyboard settings are getting altered after login, may be linked to my profile.

Please help.


Thanks in advance.

iMac, iOS 10.3.2, Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
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SonoRhythm wrote:


  1. 7, 8 ,9, J, K, L, M, <, >

Have you got Mouse Keys turned on?


macOS Sierra: Control the pointer using Mouse Keys

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