Is there ANY way possible that an Android phone could show in imessage as a blue bubble?

This is a sensitive issue to post,

however I am doing so from a responsible intent so I believe it justified.

I need help to make the most informed decision possible.

I have suspected a second 'secret' ios device in my home.

The suspected party denies.

I WANT to believe,

But messages claimed (sworn actually) sent from an android device (one that i know about),

show up in imessage with blue bubbles.

My confusion is: I thought that ONLY IOS DEVICES EXCLUSIVELY show as a blue bubble?

Am I incorrect in that thought? or should I change my social media relationship status to single?

Thank You in advance for any assistance.


iPhone 5s, iOS 11.2.1, other device is Android 'Sky'
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Hi Dex!


I can totally appreciate your situation. I do have some information for you! If your IPhone/Apple device has IMessages turned off, then the bubbles are in fact, GREEN!! I turned off my IMessage, in the hopes, that when I texted my Daughter, on her Android, it wouldn’t come in a zillion pieces!


For a bit, I didn’t make the connection to my new green color! Until I had a duh!” Moment! I hope this resolves any questions? Also, when my Husband’s IPhone is off, & he writes back from a different device, he comes up green too!...& When I text him, with IMessage on, I turn green as well!


Really look into the details before you think somethings up! Just because someone gave you an unthoughtful, flippant response, that only shows their lack of knowledge, & experience.... without considering the seriousness, the answer might mean for you!!  


There are also WiFi management programs &/Or apps, that can help you manage the devices, on your home network! An app like this, will let you know, every device on your network!


BTW, none of my business, except for personal experience.., Suspicion breeds secrecy, & a desire to be free (even innocently!!)  If you’re going to do the time, you might as well do the crime!!?


I’ve been on both sides of that coin! None are good! I turned into an interrogator... & When the shoe was on the other foot, I was so scared, to say the wrong thing, that I sounded like I was lying!


Good luck, my friend!



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