Are iPad my videos actually ON my iPad?

Because they don't seem to be.  Most of my video content gets to my iPad via a file browser app.  I create, edit, trim, etc, the video on my PC then use the file browser app to C&P it to the iPad's camera roll.  From there I can insert them into Keynote presentations.


Today I happened to be in an area with no internet access, so I couldn't even use my phone as a tether.  To pass the time, I opened up the videos folder (within the photos app) in the iPad.  To my surprise, all I got was this when trying to play a video:




How's that for an informative error message?  Apparently, videos which I have previously imported to the iPad's camera roll still require an internet connection to play.  That means they're not really on the iPad; they're being fetched from somewhere (iCloud would be my guess).


Later when I was back in WiFi land, I opened the video and it played after a few moments of hesitation.  Then when I tried to edit the video, I got this:




I guess that confirms it.  Videos aren't stored locally, even those I've physically transferred to the iPad.


Okay fine, the iPad is backing up my videos to the cloud.  I get that.  Thanks, I guess.  But I want them stored locally, too, for times when I don't have internet access.  That's why I put them there in the first place.


Now I know why videos take a few seconds to start, and if I fast forward, the video hangs again while the download jumps to the new starting point.  Can somebody tell me how to force the videos I copied to the camera roll to actually stay on the camera roll?

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Update:  I had apparently selected "optimize iPad storage" in the Photos app settings.  There it says hi-rez videos are kicked over to the cloud and a low-rez "optimized version" stays on the device.  This apparently happens only if I'm low on space:




So now I know how to recall the full-res videos back to the iPad.  But shouldn't I have at least been able to watch the "optimized version" when I didn't have an internet connection?  If not, then what's the "optimized version" for?


Another thing: the iPad reports I've got 36 of 64 GB available storage space on the device.  Is 56% free space really considered "low on space"?

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