iPhone 5s won't charge or connect through official apple cable

Hey everyone,


I currently own the iPhone 5s and recently (the past two weeks or so) it stopped charging through the wall adaptor. I tried different plug sockets and cables and still nothing would work. The only way I can charge my phone is through a portable charger or through my laptop USB (however, the apple cable still won't work through this either!).

Is anyone else having this problem, or has had it?


I admit, I do intend to get a new phone soon, but I want to transfer all my photos from my phone on to my hard drive before I get one and it won't recognise my phone when I try to plug it in (even though it will charge through a non-apple USB cable). Does anyone have any solutions or any alternate methods of transferring photos? 

iPhone 5s, iOS 10.2.1
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Hey everyone,


... or any alternate methods of transferring photos?

One alternative is iCloud Photo Library iCloud Photo Library - Apple Support  and (if you are using a Windows computer) What is iCloud for Windows? - Apple Support


another alternative -- a 3rd party app such as https://photosync-app.com/

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