How to get rid of the Bluetooth/computer option on speakerphone

On my iPhone X (iOS Version 111.2.2), when I'm calling someone and want to press the Speaker button, it gives me a small list of options: iPhone, Speaker, and iMac. I believe that this is because I previously connected my iPhone to my iMac through Bluetooth.


I don't want these options to be there, I just want to be able to press the Speaker button and it sends the audio through Speaker mode. The problem is, I also want to allow my iPhone and iMac to transfer files through AirDrop. Is there any way that I can remove the extra audio options from phone calls, but keep the AirDrop feature active without having to turn bluetooth on and off repeatedly? Am I missing something here?

iPhone X, iOS 11.1
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Read the section on set up for Handoff and go to the same place where you can turn it off. Airdrop has nothing to do with continuity/handoff.

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