Ipod Touch 6 ios 11.2.1 Rapid battery drain after full charge

hey guys whats goin on i cant reach 100 %with a full charge it stops at 99% and after plugging out the ipod looses instant 10% I Reseted the Ipod but the problem is still occuring. I testet the music playback got about 30% without touching it just checked the battery status sometimes. How can this Devixe drain rapid 10% anybody a clue ??
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I have EXACTLY the same problem as the above.  My Ipod touch was absolutely fine until I downloaded ios 11 last week.  Now, as per the above, charging stops at 99%, then I lose a huge amount of battery immediately after charging.  The battery then drains about four times as quickly as it did prior to ios 11.  Clearly something has changed since the up-date.  I have optimised the ipod touch completely (which I didn't even have do to experience normal battery life when I purchased the Ipod touch with ios 10 less than 18 months ago), but the problem persists.

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