Unable to detect 2Gtech drives of 12 TB each



Not sure why but my Mac Pro is unable to detect 2 Gtech drives of 12 TB each connected by thunderbold interface, however it does detect one hard-drive at a time (which ever I connect first), and when you connect 2nd drive it does not detect.


Any Idea why its happening?


Both 12TB drives are on RAID 0 settings.



Mac Pro (Late 2013), macOS High Sierra (10.13.1), null

howapple - hello


High Sierra Disk Utility defaults to the completely useless (for these sorts of problems) Volume View. You need to select Device View to get anywhere.


Had you been methodical and verified that it is always the second ThunderBolt enclosure that is not recognized, regardless of which is attached first? or could this be a problem that is actually following one particular enclosure?