Apple TV Remote App does not recognize Apple TV (3rd Gen)

So I'd previously been using the Remote App with my Apple TV without issue in the last month or so. After traveling and returning, the interface that allowed me to use my iPhone 6 as a remote no longer worked. This configuration was working through an ethernet connection.


Following the instructions via Apple support pages, I've connected both my phone and the Apple TV to the same wifi network. Trying to connect via the control center results in spinning "searching". Trying to add the Apple TV from the Apple TV Remote App results in the "Don't see your Apple TV?" response with the suggestion to connect to the same wifi network.


When I go in through the Remote App, I can pair the phone and the phone can be seen under the Apple TV settings as an iOS remote, but that's it-- I can't control anything using my phone.

iPad 2, iOS 8.3
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Restarting the Apple TV fixed the issue.

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