I purchasedversoiontech 3.0 usb superdrive, but my cpu doesn't recognize, how to resolve the issue

purchase a VersionTech usb3.0 superdrive, but my cpu doesn't recognize it, I restart the cpu, still noting show on remote drive, need help

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017), iOS 11.2.1
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If there are other external USB devices or hubs or related hardware other than a USB mouse and USB keyboard (if present) connected to your iMac, remove those devices and connect the VersionTech optical device directly into the Mac, and test again.


Test with a different USB cable, as sometimes the cables are bad.   It doesn't happen often, but cables are cheap and easy to swap.


Does this USB optical device work when connected to another system?  That'll usually verify whether the problem might be with the Mac, or with the VersionTech device.


If that sequence doesn't work, then the VersionTech device is probably failed.

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