Why can't I get videos off my iPhone 7?

When I plug my iPhone 7 into my Mac via USB, the Photos app pops up, along with iTunes.


Photos only lets me import my photos and videos when my phone is unlocked, so I unlock the screen... and for some reason only a few of the videos I took today showed up, along with a few photos from another day, but I can't actually see all the photos on my iPhone and I know there are a lot there. It wouldn't let me import the one video I am trying to import.

I tried to reconnect the phone multiple times, still the same thing. So I selected the few videos I didn't want to import and imported them. And then I see that somehow the video I was hoping to import is somehow there under "Today".

But when I click on it, or any of the other videos I get a error message that says "Photos can't play this video. Do you want to open it in QuickTime player?" And unfortunately QuickTime player gives me the same message.

I have tried dragging and dropping the video within photos to iMovie, which is ultimately where I want to get it to go, but it won't let me. I even downloaded a file coverter program, but it wouldn't recognize the file either, and the weird thing is it's just a Mov File, and the video is only 6 minutes long. I thought I used to be able to import and watch my videos on Photos before.


Also, I have tried numerous times to get my iCloud Drive to show my iPhone photos and videos on my mac, but I can't figure that out either. Everything I try doesn't work. I just can't seem to import this video I need, and it's really frustrating.

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Ok - You are using iCloud Photo Library on your Mac - are you using it on your iPhone? If you are then you can not "import" anything via USB - everything is transferred via ICPL


And You still have not told us what version of IOS you have on your iPhone but most likely you have IOS 11 which by default uses and new more compressed video format - if you are then you either need to change the photos to use the most compatible format for photos and video or you need to upgrade your Mac to High Sierra which supports the new formats - you are currently a couple of years behind on your Mac



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