My MacBook Pro doesn't recognize my USB keyboard

This will happen every couple of months.  I sit down at my desk to log in to my MacBook and the keyboard is dead.  I check the connections.  All good.  I plug another device into the USB port and it works, so no issue with the USB port.  I try the keyboard on my wife's MacBook Air.  Surprise, surprise, it works no problem.  So nothing wrong with the USB port, nothing wrong with the keyboard... they just don't like each other.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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This is going to sound strange but... attach a USB extension cord to one of the Mac USB ports.  Connect your keyboard to the extension cord.  Press the USB keyboard's caps lock key to verify it's working.  You should see the green light.  Disconnect the USB extension cord from the Mac.  Attach the USB keyboard to the Mac port you just used.  This should work.  It worked for me every time.

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