HT203302 Activating Peronal Hotspot always requires a Network Reset.

I am working with a person who's iPhone 6 always requires a network reset every time he goes to use the hotspot feature.

  1. When he is using it he is in a "remote" location - so remote they have a signal booster at the location. It is 1 bar outside the building so they have an antenna and booster. This is the only time he uses it.
    1. There is no wifi at the location only the cellular connection via the signal booster.
  2. The wifi hotspot feature simply will not turn on at all.
  3. If he follows the procedure here: Get help with Personal Hotspot in iOS - Apple Support, he always ends up at the network reset.
    1. This works, but in the meantime it erases all his network settings, like remembered wifi locations.
    2. His phone acts 'funky' for a day or two after this. He has indicated he has weird connection issues and quirky problems for a period of time after this.

It has not always been this way but has been for about a year. It used to work fine and nothing has changed at the location.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the cause or what else to try?

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It could be a problem with the antenna and booster setup they are using. The Personal Hotspot features are controlled by the carrier, and it may be they have difficulty identifying the device when connected to this booster, and it does not identify the device as eligible for Personal Hotspot. If the carrier supports the hotspot feature, then it is the one that allows it to be activated on the device. I suggest they contact the carrier and troubleshoot the issue when they attempt to connect. I suspect that it is a possible conflict between the actual device identification and the connection with this booster.

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