playlist on ipod classic not playing all songs.

I have a couple ipod classics. when I play from a particular playlist it will only shuffle from a few songs on the playlist exp. a song playing will say 1 of 3, when theres 40+  songs in playlist.. these songs are all ones I've recorded with voice memo then converted to mp3 in itunes.. Can someone please help? thanks

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Since you have the iPod in Shuffle mode, then the issue is almost certainly that the memos are set to Skip when shuffling. A quick test is to turn off shuffle and then select a song from that Playlists. If it now states 1 of 40 (or whatever the number is), then that strongly suggests that the Skip when shuffling is on.


Actually, it's as quick to check in your iTunes Library...

Check one of the songs in your iTunes Library: highlight it and select File/Get Info/Options>Skip when shuffling (or use CTRL I {that's an "eye"} to bring up the Get Info panel and then select the Options tab):

skip box05.png


  • If you change any of the songs, you need to Sync the iPod with iTunes after the changes, so that they are made on the iPod as well.
  • If you select multiple songs for change, the Skip when shuffling becomes a drop-down menu instead of the tick box. Ignore what the drop-down actually states (which will almost certainly be a "no", even if some songs are set to "yes"), change it to Yes, then change it to back to No and click OK. (There's a long-term bug in iTunes that causes it to state "no" when there is a mixture of "yes" and "no" songs.)

skip box09.png


Once done, your Playlist should state 1 of 40 when in shuffle mode.

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