Is my iPod Touch now useless?

I have an iPod Touch from 2008 running iOS 3.1.3.

With the recent iTunes updates I now cannot sync it any more. If I try to sync, restore or back up I get the message "iTunes could not back up the iPod because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPod"

I've searched around for various fixes and tried the following:

Deleting the backup folder - Doesn't work, it just writes a new one which seems to be corrupt.

Completely uninstalling iTunes and trying to revert to an older version - Doesn't work. Older versions don't seem to want to install any more on Windows 10.

Re-installing the most recent version of iTunes - this installs fine, but leaves me with the same problem: The iPod won't sync, restore or back up.

Having read around, it seems that my iPod is no longer supported by iTunes. Is it really just stuck with the songs it has, never to be updated again?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for that. I had tried uninstalling iTunes previously, but I didn't get rid of the other apple programmes too. It worked this time although not without some issues.

I had to find the library database and remove it from its location as the old version of iTunes wouldn't run with it there.

I then had to reload every song I have. Fortunately, I have them all as mp3s and not just in the iTunes library.

My iPod would then only sync a certain number of songs and then stop, so I restored it.

Then, it kept on disconnecting during the sync process. Meaning I had to launch it again about 5 times.

Finally I have it working with all the songs from my library.

All this just to put the new Radiohead album on it!

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