Why does my Apple Watch display my Photo's when I double tap it, to display my card to pay with?

I Double tap the button on my Apple Watch, to pay for an item at the checkout and it keeps displaying my photo favorites.....not the card to make the payment

with. I'm then faced with going through tapping this button many times to get it to display the Card so that I can complete payment. Why is this?

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When you said "photo favorites" I thought you were talking about the Favorites album in the Photos app being displayed, but from your follow-up post, it sounds like you're seeing the photos for your favorite contacts, is that correct? If so, then you're definitely pushing the right button, but it sounds like the watch was only registering one press instead of a double press. Pressing the side button once is supposed to bring up your contacts, pressing twice is for Apple Pay. If this happens all the time when you press it twice, and it happens even after restarting, then you might try unpairing and repairing the watch with your iPhone, and if that doesn't work, take it to an Apple Store's Genius Bar as there may be a hardware issue.

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