Over six and still haven't had apple fix problem

I called apple over six weeks ago bc my sons phone was hacked and set to lost mode. It has never been fixed and they keep telling me that tech support is dealing with it.!!! I pay over $100 for his phone and he hasn't used in six weeks. How is this even possible that it's not yet dealt with? I am done waiting and want to know who I contact bc I either want money back for his phone so I can go purchase another or it fixed ASAP!!!! I even pay for apple care! I've never had worse service in my life and will surely let others no bc it's seriously unbelievable it's over six weeks. He is 16 and I pay for a phone so I can be able to contact him! Is this seriously for real ? I just called and was on hold for almost an hour so hung up! am totally blown away!!!

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You're not talking to Apple here, this is just a User to User forum. There's a link at botom right of each page on the site called 'Contact Us' That has the contact details for Apple.

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