Infected Reimage - Can not Dump 2.2million items

MacPro(6core) 10.12.6


I think I have been infected by 3 things at once.



And another I can not name.


I dumped some 50% time machine files and found the location of the virus/malware I can not name. I put them all in the trash. I started emptying the trash on Wednesday night at about 10pm. It said 2.2million files to be emptied. So I switched to SafeMode to do the dump. It started doing its thing.


It kept giving me pop-ups about "file in use by X". so I had to keep watch so I could click skip or continue. It got down to 1,064,820 and froze.


Is there an ultra hard dump that will either automatically ignore/skip any file in use and dump the rest?

Is there another way to dump the trash in a more aggressive fashion?

macOS Sierra (10.12.6), 16g DDR, 6Core

howapple - hello


Try going to Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and quit WebExplorer. Then drag it to the Trash.