iPhone se overheating and battery drains

new iPhone se has been over heating and then the battery drains from 100% to 0 within 30mins or less

it gets extremely hot

i purchased my phone from a catalogue so is it the catalogue I contact or Apple??

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Follow the steps mentioned in this article, to rule out a software issue. Set the phone back to factory settings, set up your personal details manually and test the phone without installing any 3rd party apps. If the battery life is back to normal, restore from your latest backup. In case the problem comes back, data from the backup is causing this, and you can't use that backup anymore.

Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings - Apple Support

If the phone is still getting hot and the draining of the battery did not stop when you set it back to factory settings, contact Apple Support to get it serviced, or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider next to your place to let them check the device.

iPhone - Contact Support - Apple Support

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