Apple Watch Sport Band Pin/Accent Color

I was considering getting the gold aluminum Apple Watch Sport 42mm, which comes with a Midnight Blue sport band. I really like the color, but I'd like to have other options. I see from the available pictures that the Midnight Blue sports band that is comes with has a matching Gold pin (for closure of the band).

Likewise, the gold aluminum Apple Watch Sport 38mm comes with an Antique White sport band with a matching Gold pin. And the two sizes of rose gold aluminum Apple Watch Sport come with bands with matching rose gold pins.

I also see that two bands are offered for sale individually with a black pin (to match the Space Gray/Black watch finish), but the remaining bands all come with a silver pin.

Are you limited to the single band that comes with the gold or rose gold aluminum (Sport) watches?

I don't expect Apple to make every band match with every watch, but I see silver-accents-only is the lone color scheme for the leather loop, classic buckle and modern buckle as well.

Are sports bands with gold and rose gold pins not for sale individually?

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