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hi..Apple,i got a big problem.plz help me..i creat apple ID first. And creat a icloud mail.. password are not the same.. i think, i make a some mistack.Now i can't open my ipad. (Activate ipad. This iPad is currently Linked to an Apple ID ( Sign in with the apple ID that was used to set up this iPad). I already have My Apple ID and password but i don't remember my icloud password .....i try with my apple ID and password but i can't Activate My iPad... How can i Activate. Thanks

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You have run into Activation Lock. You need the person who originally activated

the iPad using iOS 7 to release it. That may not be the person you purchased it from.

When you restored the iPad, it relocked to the AppleId used to activate it - you need

that information. If you cannot get help from the seller, return the iPad for a refund as

it is useless without the AppleID and passcode used for activation.

There is no workaround for Activation Lock.

iCloud: Find My iPhone Activation Lock in iOS 7

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