can't activate apple watch I bought used.

I just bought a used apple watch off of amazon. The person who used it previously didn't disconnect their apple ID from the watch and now I can't use it. I tried contacting the business through amazon, but haven't heard back. Is there any way I can use my new watch? thanks.

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You are describing Activation Lock. When enabled, this prevents unauthorised use of Apple Watch if it is lost or stolen. There is no way around this security feature. Before being able to pair it to your own iPhone, you (or the business seller on Amazon) will need the previous owner to either:

- Enter their Apple ID and password on your device, or;

- Turn the feature off via (sign in with their Apple ID > Settings > My Devices > Click on Apple Watch > Remove it by clicking on the "X" and then on Remove).

If the seller cannot resolve this, you may wish to initiate a return and/or register a complaint with Amazon.

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