Headphone Jack putting sound out on one side more than the other

Hey guys, so recently I noticed something funny. I put my apple headphones into my macbook pro (mid 2010 model, 13in) and the sound in my right ear bud was noticeably quieter than my left ear bud. I thought that the headphones were broken, but then I put it into my phone and it worked fine. Then just today, I put plugged my sony xb500's into my macbook and again, the right side is noticeably lower than my left side, so I came to the conclusion that that problem was my macbook.


Anyone have any information on this and can offer a remedy to my problem?




Macbook Pro 13, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

howapple - hello


Click the Apple logo/System Preferences/Sound/Output ... and check whether BAlance is right in the centre. If it isnt put it there.