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I recently purchased an iPod Nano 7th Gen to replace my broken iPod Classic. One of the features I love the most of the iPod Classic is the hold middle button to select current song to add to On-The-Go playlist.


This feature allowed me to shuffle through my songs and when i hear a song that i want to listen to again, I add it to my On-The-Go playlist.


This feature seems pretty easy to implement in a software update. Any chance this will be included in the next update??


Also, I saw on another post that the "Up-Next" function doesn't exist in the nano, what are the chances of this being added to a future update?



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It's wrong, plain and simple.


I repeat - you cannot add a song from the Now Playing screen - or the Cover Flow Menu (not even once you get into the list of songs) - to the On-The-Go Playlist.


You have stated that your iPod Classic is broken, so you cannot test your argument. My Classic does work and not only was I already aware of what I have told you, I have tested it again today to make sure I'm giving you correct and precise information.


Instead of searching for information that tells you what you want to hear, about an iPod you no longer have the use of, why don't you concentrate on deciding how you can adapt your use of the nano to suit you. Why for example have you not commented on my suggestion, even if you have compelling reasons for not trying it?


It's up to you.

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