Transferring Whatsapp & Contacts backup on old iPhone 4 to new iPhone SE but different iCloud accounts

Hi all from Indonesia,

Hopefully you can help me on the aforementioned problem above and have a good step-by-step solution to it.

Basically what happened is I just bought a brand new iPhone SE to replace my old iPhone 4. I primarily want to move the Whatsapp chat history from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone SE, so this is what I did yesterday :

#1. I backed the Whatsapp history on the iPhone 4 up to iCloud Drive.

#2. I then downloaded and installed Whatsapp into the new iPhone SE, activated my old Whatsapp account there, and found out that there's no Whatsapp backup whatsoever on iCloud Drive.

#3. Puzzled, I uninstalled the Whatsapp app from the SE, activated the Whatsapp account back in the old iPhone 4, and saw that I have indeed backed it up.

#4. I then proceeded to repeat step #2, and once again there was not any backup detected on the iCloud Drive.

There and then I stopped doing anything to the Whatsapp on both iPhones, until this morning I decided to check on the email accounts used for iCloud Drive for both iPhones and to my surprise I found that I use different emails for each iCloud, let's say the iCloud account on the old iPhone 4 (where the Whatsapp backup is located) is "A" and the iCloud in the new iPhone SE is "B".

Now what should I do? Can I do :

Option 1 : Sign Out/Delete iCloud account "A" on the iPhone 4, then log in with iCloud account "B", back up the Whatsapp chat history again, then download the Whatsapp backup into the iPhone SE?


Option 2 : Sign Out/Delete iCloud account "B" on the iPhone SE, then log in with iCloud account 'A", then download the Whatsapp backup into iPhone SE?

A question :

- One one device, does the iCloud & App Store/iTunes email account needs to be the same or can they be different?

Thanks all for the help

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You should do Option 2.

The iCloud Apple ID can be different from the iTunes/App Store ID.

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