Apple iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 in terms of longevity? Which would you get?

Hi everyone! I will be buying a new Apple iPad and my budget is $400 and I notice the iPad mini 4 and the iPad Air 2 are both at $400.

Now, the iPad Air 2 is stronger as it has an A8X but the iPad Mini 4 has an A8 but the mini is 1 year newer. My question is:

When new updates, especially major ones like iOS 12,13, (Round Number Updates) come out, which will be getting them longer and be working on them better?

If Apple makes the iPad Air 2 not be getting the updates but the iPad Mini 4 getting them, I would rather get the mini.

Thank you for your responses!

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Hi jojelllybean,

I don't think we can answer that since it's only Apple who decides which devices are eligible for a new OS update and if so, how the software update affects (for example, the Night Shift does not work in older devices, even when they are upgraded to iOS 9.3.2).

If I had to choose between those, I'd take the iPad Air 2 because I cannot work with a smaller screen. Also, having more powerful hardware makes it likelier to be able to receive upgrades in the future. Actually, iOS 9 can be installed in any device where iOS 8 was already installed, but again, that does not mean that you will notice as much all the improvements (i.e.: slower system).

If you can work with the Mini size, go get it.

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