iPhone 6s iOS 9.2 gps not working

1/2/2016 my gps stopped working.

anyone else having this issue??

I Have already tried everything except restoring

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Hi All. I had this issue for two weeks, and just had it fixed, see below:

BACKGROUND: NO GPS tracking at all. Waze, Maps, nothing worked. It would sometimes pull up my location (roughly) but as soon as I would begin driving - nothing. It wouldn't track.

WHAT I DID: After all the obvious double-checking (location services on, Waze set to always pull my location, etc.) I deleted and re-installed Waze, I did several network resets, as well as a FULL factory reset (after backing up my phone). My phone provider and apple support (via the phone) were unable to help. I had someone remove my sim card, and Waze started working! It lasted one day.

WHAT ACTUALLY FIXED IT: I (finally) made an appointment at the genius bar, and fortunately the tech that helped me had helped someone with the same issue the previous day. Apparently the issue is within the hardware of the device. A chip malfunction? My iphone was still under warranty, so they brought me a new phone, inserted my sim card, and I was all set. No cost. I got home, and restored my iphone backup from last week. I recommend doing a full backup through itunes or icloud before your appointment.

Hope this helps!

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