Apple watch never charge!

my Apple Watch battery is dead and I could not charge it!

all I get is red charging cable symbol like the one in the picture,


when connect it to the charger it turned to green, I kept it like this over night and nothing changed (when connected green, when disconnected red)


keep in mind that I tried to reset it but I could not (pressing the crown and the side button for more that 10 sec)

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The red symbol indicates that your watch battery is still very low and needs to be charged.

As you have already tried to do that, you may have a faulty charging cable, adapter and/or watch.

Check that:

  • All plastic wrapping has been removed from both ends and both sides of the charging cable (check closely on the head of the charger).
  • The back of your Apple Watch and the concave head of the charging cable are each clean and dry (clean them with a lint-free cloth and retry).
  • The charging head is directly aligned with the back of the watch and is touching it fully (some stands might hinder this).
  • You are using only the genuine Apple Magnetic Charging Cable.
  • When plugging into mains power:
    • You are using a genuine Apple USB Power Adapter.
    • Besides the adapter that is supplied with the watch, the cable can also be used with the Apple 5W (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) USB Power Adapter - test with these if you have them.
    • Apple-certified (MFi) third-party 5W power adapter and/or magnetic charging module.
  • When charging via USB, ensure that:
    • You use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.
    • The computer remains on and awake.
    • The cable is plugged directly into the computer (not into, for example, an external keyboard).

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