Unexplained glass scratches on my Apple watch

I was given a new Apple watch for Christmas I was delighted with it and took great care of it, then in February I put my watch on and noticed some unexplained scratches had appeared on the glass, is this a common problem and how do I solve it?

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Hi Maxine

Scratches result from contact of some kind. To help reduce the risk of damage from any debris on the screen, keep your watch clean and dry (use a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth):

Cleaning and wearing Apple Watch - Apple Support

It is possible that only the fingerprint-resistant, oil repellent coating has been scratched. It is normal for this coating to wear away under normal use, but it may have become marked without damaging the surface of the screen beneath.

Whether you have scratched the screen or not, Apple does not recommend using cleaning products or polishing or buffing the watch with abrasives; these will wear away the coating and may also (further) scratch the display.

If you wish, Apple can inspect the mark and advise you of any service options (eg out-of-warranty repair) that may be available. Note, however, that cosmetic damage - which includes scratches - is not covered under warranty.

Contact Apple Support (mail-in service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation to establish available repair service options, costs and likely timescales:


Otherwise, a good quality screen protector (thin film-type) may be effective in obscuring or reducing the visibility of the mark, as well as in providing some measure of protection against future damage.

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