iCal (iMac - 10.6.8) has now stopped syncing with iPhone 6 (9.3)

As per subject title, my phone and computer won't sync iCal..... This is a new one since update to 9.0.... have been waiting for Apple to debug but we are now on 9.3 and still nothing.......

am not pleased with Apple since Steve Jobs departed..... seems to be one bug after another and whilst I really do appreciate just how complex these little beauties are, the lack of testing before release seems to have become endemic......

Anyone got a suggestion or is this a wait game for Apple to sort it?

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Update your computer OS. iOS 9 requires iTunes 12.3 or later, which is not compatible with OS 10.6.8.

This has nothing to do with any bug, and it's not Apple's fault. It has to do with the fact you're running an OS on your computer that is outdated and no longer supported.

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