Disable iphones from backing up to itunes anywhere?

We have a number of iphones that are provided to employees. When an employee leaves or is let go, we use Office 365 to wipe their phones so they don't have any company data to share outside the company. But it occurred to me that they could back up their iphones whenever they want, using iTunes at home. Then even if we blank out an employee's phone, they still can leave with all the data that was on that phone.

Is there any way to disable the ability of an iphone to back up to itunes anywhere? I need a solution that works on the phone itself, not an itunes setting to change.

Thank you!

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If you supervise or manage these phones, you can use MDM or Profile Manager and restrict backing up or syncing to iTunes. Since they're all company provided, look into DEP so that these devices can be managed out of the box, and you won't have to apply these settings manually to each phone.

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