My ipod turned off and wont turn back on not even with it charging whats going on?

Can anyone help me out with tis problem? My ipod had turned off before but always turned back on exept this time its not wanting to turn back on not even if its carged or anything. Can anyone help me please?

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- iOS: Not responding or does not turn on

- Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode

How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings

- If not successful and you can't fully turn the iOS device fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.

- Try another cable

- Try on another computer

- If still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.

Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

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