Exchange calendar not syncing after iOS 9 update

I am using google Apps for business (no two steps authentication) and Exchange calendar stops syncing after iOS 9 update (now running on iOS 9.0.1) . It is happening both on iPad and iPhone and started after the update.

I have already tried resetting both devices (and set up as new device without restoring from iCloud backups), it works for a few hours and then it stops again. The temporary solutions of either disabling the calendar sync and re-enable it or deleting the Exchange account and setting it up again, works for only a few hours.

Does anyone else experiencing the same problem?

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I'm experiencing this on a wide variety of devices. We're using AirWatch to manage over 600 iOS Devices in the field, Google Apps to handle the Cal.

Here is what I tried so far tried, So don't waste your time trying these:

-turn Calendar Sync OFF / On

-updating to 9.0.1

-updating to 9.0.2

-complete wipe and restore (iCloud)

-complete wipe and restore (iTunes)

-tested on the native Google Calendar App (Faster, but same results over a few hours)

Its clear that this is related to ActiveSync. I read that one of the features of iOS 9 in the Enterprise was "Improved calendar reliability for customers using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync v16"

Could that be a lead on something to look into? I'm not an expert in Exchange but maybe someone could please provide some insights?

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