Phone charges too quickly and dies just as fast

Over the past month and a half, my phone's charges jumps whenever its on the charger . It'll be at 28% and as soon as I put it on the charger it goes to 40% and if I take it off it'll slowly decline over the next few minutes to an even lower percentage. Even if I charge it to 100%, turn off, or reset, this will keep happening. I bought a new charger from Sprint ($15 so it better had worked) but that didn't help in anyway.

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First, you need to eliminate battery failure as the cause. Get an app like the free Battery Life ( or call or visit and Apple store to get the battery tested. If the phone is still in warranty this is by far the best way to go. You can check your warranty status here: Apple - Support - Check Your Service and Support Coverage

If the battery is bad Apple will replace it free in warranty, or for $79 out of warranty. But this is a highly unlikely scenario; iPhone 6 batteries just don't fail, at least not this soon.

Next step is to recalibrate the battery gauge.

  • Charge to 100% using an Apple USB wall adapter
  • Run the battery down until the phone shuts off
  • If it shuts off above 1% charge it for a minute only, then continue running the battery down. Repeat until it makes it to 1% before shutting off
  • Charge it to 100% again

If the battery is not defective this should fix it.

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