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I am having Hindi PDF document i want to convert it into Word Hindi document. Pls help its urgent . Thanks in advance.

Is there any application for these

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Can't you just copy/paste directly from google translate in your browser into TextEdit?  WIthout converting to pdf?


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There are 3 ways to convert pdf to word:
If you are a Microsoft Word 2016 User
  • Launch the Word 2016
  • Go to File>Open to uploadPDF , a dialogue will prompt , click “OK” to insert the PDF into Word document.​​

Insert PDF into Word Document with Adobe
  • Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Go to Tools>Export PDF. Choose the output as Word.
  • Click “Export”, the PDF will be exported as Word format.Open the Word file in Microsoft Word.

Insert PDF into Word without Software
  • Go to pdf2doc
  • Upload PDF into the program. You can select up to 20 PDF files to convert.

  • Wait for the PDF to Word conversion, then download the Word file.

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