Trouble syncing my iPhone 5s to iTunes

When I plug my iPhone 5s into my computer and iTunes opens, I go through each category (Photos, Music, Apps, etc.) and check/select only the items I want to be synced over to my iPhone. Despite not selecting to have ANY of my photos sync over to my phone, multiple random albums from my iPhoto remain on my phone after syncing. Additionally, iTunes says that "Documents and Data" are taking up 8.26 GB of space on my phone, and I would like to decrease that amount of space being taken up, but I have no idea what on my phone would even be included in "Documents and Data." Any help with either problem would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Mostly Document & Data Space is used by App Data so Restore the iOS of the Device via iTunes & Setup it a New Device & Restore Backup

And also Turn OFF Automatic Syncing in iTunes

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