Iphone 6plus freezing after new update

I have an Iphone 6plus and have updated to the newest software update.

Ever since the update my phone is freezing quite often and I have to lock it and unlock it sometimes 2 or 3 times to be able to navigate on my screen. My screen is not cracked or anything and I have factory reset it once. I have also called apple support and they suggested to factory reset it again. I want to see if anyone else if having this problem and if you know how to fix it.

I have spoken with numerous people who are also having this issue. One of my friends even just switched from Droid to Apple to give it a try and it was having the same issue right out of the box.

Please help I am a huge apple fan but I can not afford to purchase another phone already. I just got this one less then 6 months ago!!!

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When you say that you factory reset the device, are you referring to restoring the phone? If you are referring to a restore, did you restore from backup or restore to factory, with no additional content installed? If you restored to backup, it is possible there is some corrupt data on your device that is causing this issue. To test that, restore the device to factory, and without adding any additional content, test the device for a period of time and see if you experience the freezing. If not, you can try restoring your backup again and see if the behavior returns. If it does, then the problem lies in your backup and you would need to restore to factory again and sync your data back individually on the device without using your backup. If that does not help, since you just purchased the device 6 months ago, it is still under warranty and you can have it examined by Apple. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of the nearest Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service provider for it to be checked.

Use iTunes to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support

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